ngwaabe economic revolution

The four pillars of our organization are Economy Humanity Environment Development


Ngwaabe economic revolution - ner

  • The organization was founded in October of 2022, with the aim of sustaining, protecting and promoting humanity along with the development of economic, heritage and natures resources in such a way that it would be of great benefit to all its people.
  • Was formed and founded by concerned community members after a long and intensive consultation with the community members from all the mining surrounding communities (villages).
  • It is a movement that is without discrimination therefore caters to different genders, class distinctions & religious beliefs and it operates outside of political persuasion.
  • The organization is established for a public purpose and regulated by the Non-profit Organisations Act 71 0f 1997 as a registered community solidarity movement.


Ensuring that SMME through skill transfer by the corporate companies are developed and equipped enough to grow as well as to mentor others.


We work together with Social Society Groups such as churches to promote humanity.


Sustaining and enforcing compliance of our natural resources.


Development and training is a great tool for the development of communities and to equip the unemployed with a sets of skills needed for employment.

Our objectives

Some of NER’s objectives are to work along side the local population in preserving, protecting and uplifting heritage, economic and environmental resources for the present and future generations.



Local businesses

Community Projects